Adapted physical activity uses all bodily practices with a view to improving the health of sick, disabled or aging people. It contributes to secondary or tertiary prevention, rehabilitation or social integration. It is based on science to offer and run physical exercise programs integrated into individual care and health careers. The programs are generally carried out in groups in the best possible security conditions.
An adapted physical activity program aims to:

  • increase the lifespan,
  • reduce the symptoms of a disease,
  • prevent co-morbidities,
  • improve the quality of life,
  • facilitate social participation,
  • potentiate the benefits of conventional treatments (for example, drugs),
  • reduce health costs,
  • exceptionally, to cure a disease

La Neuro-Nutrition

Neuro-Nutrition® is at the crossroads of neurosciences, nutrition and modern psychology, it offers conceptual, diagnostic and therapeutic tools for scientifically validated management of a large number of neuropsychiatric suffering. Neuro-Nutrition® aims to optimize cerebral and psychic functions by ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the brain and the psyche (nutritional, micronutritional and functional).

The essential foods for a healthy brain are material (nutrition and possibly supplementation), but also, and just as important, neuropsychic, emotional, psychological and relational. Neuro-Nutrition® intervenes in prevention, therapy but also in synergy with other treatments. Our team has this particular and innovative expertise through a nutritionist specializing in neuronutrition who ensures and coordinates the care of our brain-injured patients on the nutritional level but also.