Unit dedicated to patients requiring continuous inpatient rehabilitation care. It is intended for patients with disabling pathologies coming out of acute hospitalization (for a stroke, for example) and whose management requires as a priority intensive and continuous care of functional rehabilitation.


The objectives and methods of treatment depend on the initial pathology. A comprehensive initial assessment of the patient’s needs is performed to define the rehabilitation program and its goals. This assessment includes:

Complete medical check-up and associated pathologies;
Neuro-orthopedic, trophic, pain assessment;
Sensorimotor assessment;
Communication assessment: aphasia, dysarthria;
Neuropsychological assessment and evaluation of higher functions: behavioral disorders, amnesic disorders, gnosis disorders, praxias;
Functional assessment and measurement of functional independence;
This assessment is regularly reviewed to adapt the rehabilitation program by a specialized medical and paramedical team, with a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team including Masseurs-Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers in Adapted Physical Activities (APA), Sports educator, Neuropsychologist.