Adults’ physical, social and psychological abilities decline with age. Thus, in the elderly, we observe a reduction in muscle strength, a reduction in joint mobility, a reduction in protective reflexes and a reduction in the visual field and cognitive capacities.
The management of pathologies linked to aging is one of our most specialized areas of expertise. Indeed, we have highly qualified and specialized human resources in the field, with added value constituted by research work, applied to the clinic and published in scientific journals. These attacks can be the source of various difficulties. especially in the movements of the daily life of the elderly and responsible for possible falls.
Geriatric rehabilitation concerns both autonomous and frail elderly people with a risk of falling identified by the doctor – specific pathologies, multiple medication, locomotor and neuromuscular disorders….
The goal of rehabilitation is to improve motor skills, balance and the perception of one’s body and its movements.

Our team is made up of:
-A therapist, biologist of aging, expert in gerontology and geriatric rehabilitation
-A neurologist specializing in gerontology