The evolution of societies in Cameroon and in sub-Saharan Africa is marked by the continuous modification of the way of life with an increase in sedentary lifestyle, vascular risk factors, all in a population where the elderly are more and more numerous. . In turn, there is an ever-increasing number of diseases linked, among other things, to cardiovascular risk factors and aging, with as a corollary an increase in the handicap linked to these lifestyle changes. It is therefore necessary to adapt the health policy in particular. the specialized care of these pathologies and the training of health personnel in this increasingly specific need.

The Institute of Applied Neurosciences and Functional Re-education offers an original approach by bringing together on the same site a care center specializing in the prevention and management of disability and a training institute in the sciences of functional rehabilitation, rehabilitative neurosciences and the sciences of aging.


INAREF TRAINING CENTER is an Institute specializing in the training and development of health professionals involved in the prevention and management of disability in all its forms as well as physiological fragilities or related to emerging pathologies, particularly neurological and neurodegenerative. Thus neurological handicap, whether physical or cognitive, osteoarticular and rheumatological deficiencies, pathologies linked to aging, problems linked to Nutrition and hygiene of life, to adapted physical activities and to sports medicine are our axes. main academics. This training offer meets the growing needs of our societies for healthcare personnel with cutting-edge skills in order to deal with these increasingly frequent pathologies.