Therapeutic education is at the heart of our care offering. Our patients are mostly suffering from heavy chronic diseases, polymedic, psychologically painful both for themselves and those around them. Therapeutic education therefore makes it possible to act in secondary prevention (prevention of complications of the disease), or tertiary (prevention of aggravation of complications) and to develop strategies of adherence and integration of therapies in daily life. of the patient and his family and social circle. The purpose of therapeutic education is to train the patient so that he can acquire adequate know-how, in order to achieve a balance between his life and optimal control of his disease. It is a continuous process, integrated in the care and centered on the patient. It includes organized awareness-raising, information, learning and psychosocial support activities concerning the disease, the prescribed treatment, care, hospitalization and other care institutions concerned, and health and disease behaviors. of the patient. This process aims to help the patient and their loved ones understand the disease and the treatment, cooperate with caregivers, live as healthily as possible and maintain or improve the quality of life. Education should enable the patient to acquire and maintain the resources necessary to optimally manage his life with the disease. This activity is planned in our center in group workshops, individual care and periodic meetings between caregivers, families and patients. It is organized by the general care coordinator with the support of a psychologist.